Causes, Diagnosis and Care

The sinuses are behind our eyebrows, our jaws and our cheeks. The production of the natural substance, better known as mucus, develops inside them. Mucus is useful for “catching” bacteria and external particles that are then expelled from our nose thanks to the action of the eyelashes.

The swelling arising from inflammation inhibits the normal mucus expulsion procedure, causing widespread pain, loss of smell, possible fever and bad breath. The most common symptoms of sinusitis are episodic or chronic inflammation of the sinuses.

There are various forms of sinusitis:

the most common and episodic,
comes from colds or seasonal allergies and must not arouse apprehension

instead, the attention must be raised when there is infectious sinusitis, which must be treated with an adequate therapy, prescribed by the specialist doctor

The inhibition of normal respiratory functions creates an environment in which the proliferation of infections is easy, which, in turn, give rise to the formation of pus in the cavities of the nasal sinuses, from which mucus can no more go out. Acute sinusitis can be caused by:

Viral infection

Bacterial infection

Fungal infection

Hay fever: the inflammation resulting from allergies can clog the breasts

Deviation of
the septum

Other situations such as: gastroesophageal reflux, cystic fibrosis, dental infections, and adenoids

Cigarette smoking is also an important risk factor for the development of sinusitis. It should be absolutely avoided that sinusitis becomes chronic and it is absolutely necessary for the treating physician to define a diagnosis as soon as possible.

Sinusitis due to bacterial origin is normally contained by an antibiotic treatment. Any expectorants or mucolytics are not found in the medical literature. Antihistamine and cortisonic decongestants help alleviate symptoms and, thanks to its ability to make 99.9% of the drug available for absorption by nasal and paranasal mucosa, NasoNeb is a valid aid in the medical treatment.

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